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Public Purposes

Funding for local groups and community projects

Funding For Public Purposes

The Charities can make grants to any body in need of funds for the service of any part of the community in Deeping St James. Any club, society or association which needs funds for any sort of community project or service is welcome to apply, the form is available for download or can be collected from the Clerk at the Institute office. Each application will be considered on its merits, and no project is too small or too large to be considered for grant aid. If your group's needs are complex it might be best to discuss them with the Clerk or a Trustee before applying, and it may be that the Trustees will invite you to a meeting to explain your proposals in order to help them decide the application.

Grants can be made for projects which are of benefit to larger sections of the community, or for purposes which help to build up the community itself. Such a grant, for example, was made to help in the restoration of the parish church organ, and grants have been made to a number of other local churches for restoration projects and are often made to local sporting clubs.

The United Charities was a contributor to the restoration of The Cross, an ancient monument once the market cross and later a small jail at the centre of the village, a Millennium project by the Parish Council.

Public Purposes, and Local Groups

Help for the whole community

In order to apply for the grant a document can be downloaded and printed off then please fill in and return to The Institute in person or by post.

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Registered Charity Number 248848
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