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Requests for help

Requests for help can be made through the office at the above address which is on the first floor. You can also contact us by telephone or email and are always happy to discuss parishioners needs in strict confidence.

What Relief in sickness means: Help with money

  • For people dealing with financial strains brought on by ill health or accident
  • For the costs of travelling to repeated hospital or therapy appointments
  • To buy special equipment or services such as foot care
  • To cover the cost of pre-paying prescriptions

In partnership with the Deeping Men's Group the United Charities provides funds for mobility and other aids for the disabled, such as wheelchairs, powered and unpowered, beds, hoists.

What Relief in Need means: Help with money:

Money is not the solution to all of life's problems, but there are often times when shortage of money can be a real problem in itself. When circumstances conspire to make life difficult, the United Charities may be able to help. It is difficult to describe all the times when such help may be needed, but some are listed below. If you think we may be able to help, do ring our Clerk or one of the Trustees. There are no fixed income limits for applications.

All requests are treated on an individual and confidential basis.

Example Needs:

  • Awaiting the outcome of a benefits claim
  • To replace broken or worn out household equipment
  • To afford travelling expenses when visiting relatives in hospital
  • For those struggling with bills when a spouse or partner has left
  • For people coping with altered circumstances caused by bereavement
  • To pay for educational school trips and school uniforms
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Registered Charity Number 248848
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