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First point of contact in most instances will be our Clerk who is available every Tuesday & Thursday morning from 9am - 12 noon at:

In previous times people living in Deeping St James have given money, land and properties to be used for the charitable benefit of future residents of the Parish of  Deeping St James and Frognall.

In the last century these many small charities were amalgamated to form the present Deeping St James United Charities.

The Charity is administered by 10 Trustees who work hard helping to carry out the wishes of those people.

If you need assistance or know of someone who does and we can help in any way please contact us.

Telephone, write, call in or e-mail. Anything that you say will be treated in confidence and we exist to help so please,

if you need help, contact us!

In 2019 The Tyghes Educational Foundation, formally a separate charity, was closed and from January 2020 was amalgamated as part of DSJUC.


The Institute

36 Church Street

Deeping St James.



The Clerk: Julie Banks    01778 344707