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Each winter the trustees make a benefit available to the older widows in the parish from the St Thomas' Day Charity, so called because benefactions are made about 21st December, the date on which St Thomas used to be celebrated, just in time to help with the Christmas expenses or heating cost.

If you are a widow over 60 years of age and have lived in the parish of Deeping St. James for at least the last three years you may be entitled to a grant from the St Thomas' Day Charity.

The Application form will be printed in The Deepings Advertiser and is available from the Deeping St James Post Office or the form can be downloaded and printed off (right click on download button above and select “save as”), then please fill in and return to the Institute in person or by post.

Grants are issued at the Institute on or near 21st December each year.

Please note:

If you prefer to receive the original benefaction of a loaf of bread and a bucket of coal please let the Trustees know in plenty of time so they can make arrangements.

St Thomas' Day Charity

       Extra cash for widows in the winter

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